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Our company offer’s surveying services that are accurate and professional, making us one of the most trusted ALTA land survey companies in St. Paul, Minnesota. Bringing cutting-edge technology to your project, Land Survey St. Paul’s crew of land surveyors provide the expertise needed for any survey. Our Land Surveying firm guarantees an excellent customer experience at a reasonable cost based on our high level of knowledge.

All of the surveyors enlisted by the ALTA Land Survey are committed to maintaining a high level of professionalism. Our company’s surveyors are devoted to learning your needs and goals for the project and then work hard to get you there. We can answer any questions you have regarding the work process. Expert assistance is available from Land Survey St. Paul. When you call, we’ll respond carefully to any questions you may have and try our best to answer them. Also, we can work with you on developing the scope of work and arranging survey details specifically for your project.

When conducting Alta land surveys, it is often difficult to get good survey work done within a reasonable budget. Our ALTA surveyors in Saint Paul, MN, will use their expert knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible service. Keeping your costs down without compromising the quality of our work is our goal. It would help if you chose the right survey type to get the best results, and we make sure that our surveys are reliable over time. Our years of experience conducting ALTA surveys translate to extensive knowledge of the process. Every time a change in the state of Minnesota’s rules and policies is announced, our surveyors are alerted. This process saves our clients both time and money. Retrying is avoided, as well as hassles. Choosing our surveyors is an excellent decision economically. 

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Picture of an ongoing Alta land survey of a residential property construction.

ALTA Land Surveys St. Paul MN

To find an excellent local surveyor, you need to investigate their credentials and past work history. Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, Land Survey St. Paul is a leader among Land Surveyors. Registered with the ALTA, licensed, and authorized to perform ALTA surveys, all of our surveyors possess a seal of professional recognition. Even though all surveys conducted within a particular location need to adhere to state laws strictly, the ALTA land survey should also adhere to ALTA standards. Title insurers and lenders require ALTA surveys for commercial properties when they finance, refinance, or acquire them. Therefore, land Surveyors MN must always perform ALTA surveys to an extremely high standard. Consequently, hiring the people, you’re confident can take on such an extensive assignment is essential. Every client must determine a land surveyor’s level of field experience and familiarity with the industry before they hire them.


What is an ALTA Survey?

ALTA embodies land surveying standards; it is regarded as a “national standard” in the field. The purpose of this type of survey is to provide a consistent survey process regardless of where the estate or property is located. There are many varying standards for property surveying in most states, but ALTA standards reduce conflicts by eliminating the variations. Multi-family residential buildings and commercial properties are much more likely to undergo ALTA surveys. It may also occur in exceptional circumstances when the lender is a resident of another state.

Furthermore, title insurers have specific requirements when it comes to title insurance policy matters. ALTA and NSPS standards come into play when being asked for an insurance policy. Title professionals, lenders, and the issuer of title insurance use the ALTA report, which is the outcome of such a survey.

Picture of a surveyor operating an equipment during a survey, picture taken at St. Paul MN
Picture of a surveyor plotting the Alta survey results of a property, picture taken at St. Paul MN

Significance of ALTA survey

With ALTA surveys, you can get more detailed information about a specific property. They are more intensive and comprehensive than other surveys. In addition to providing information about boundaries, ALTA surveys give you information about easements, such as trails, rights of way, roads, fences, and other notable improvements that have been made. These easements will affect the property’s ownership rights, so such details must be recorded because they may be required during a possible investigation into adverse rights.

In addition, lenders require ALTA surveys. The title ensures the security of investments and interests on their behalf, protecting them against hidden claims or not appearing on the labels. It provides lenders and purchasers with details about the potential risks of buying a property in the ALTA report.

For your following ALTA survey needs there, you can only trust Land Survey St. Paul! We will be happy to provide you with our services and assist you. You can also check out our boundary survey services!