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In the area of property boundary surveys, we combine our expertise with the
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Land Survey St. Paul does boundary surveys according to three rules.

First and foremost, land surveyors in Saint Paul, MN, must research a parcel of land before determining its boundaries. Our research encompasses many different fields, but our most frequent focus is the county’s superior court records and public records stored there. We will also obtain any right-of-way plans for any adjacent roads during the decision-making process. Additionally, the crew will talk to the property owner and the adjoining owners to find any additional information they may have, like deeds, unrecorded plats, or a declaration of boundaries, to help us determine the limit. 

Once the research is complete, we will bring our equipment to the site. After we take accurate measurements, we will log the location of all field evidence. Each property corner has a monument, and we’ll do as much work as possible to find them all. In our study, we will examine monuments that appear in our research and those that are not mentioned. “Monuments” usually describe stone, granite, bronze, statues, and trees that come together as a whole. To determine whether encroachment has occurred, we are also going to locate improvements near property lines. After our survey is complete, all property corners will be marked with stakes, along with visible corner flags.

In the end, we should analyze our field data and compare it to the research. For this study, all boundary lines are determined by analyzing the calculated and measured distances and comparing them to the investigation. Clients should receive a detailed drawing of the boundaries of the subject property that includes all appurtenant details. We will discuss the client’s concerns in particular during the consultation, if necessary, and offer possible solutions for resolving any issues that might arise.

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Paul MN Property Line Survey Services

The legal boundaries of your property are an essential part of property ownership. Why is that? If the edges of your property are unclear, conflicts will arise. That is why we, as a land surveyor company, offer services that are tailored specifically for you, whether you own a commercial property, a residential property, or need our help with any other kind of property, such as for construction. Land surveyors would be the first to respond to a boundary dispute when landowners find themselves in conflict. A property boundary refers to the legal limits of your home.

Having someone knowledgeable in the field conduct the Minnesota Property Boundary survey is a good idea. The design of poorly constructed surveys can sometimes have serious legal ramifications. In this case, people must complete the process with extreme care. Following the boundary line survey, our expert boundary line surveyors will describe the site and record improvements, as well as a border report. Call Land Survey St. Paul today!

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What is the need for a boundary survey?

If you are purchasing a property, subdividing it, or planning to build it, it is advised that you have a boundary survey conducted. An accurate boundary survey could help avoid stressful and expensive future challenges such as fighting a lawsuit over a boundary dispute, moving a building, and handling other problems that could arise.

Having determined the location of your legal property lines can make your real estate transactions significantly safer. Since a safer transaction would be their priority, most lenders and title companies will likely approve them.

Land Survey St. Paul uses high-tech survey equipment to conduct property line surveys in St. Paul, Minnesota, including total station computers, GPS units, and robotic instrumentation.

Property Boundary Survey in St. Paul MN

In the project’s pre-construction phase, a property boundary survey is an essential element of due diligence. It describes the legal property line boundaries concerning a property’s perimeter. Before buying, dividing up, or improving a parcel of land, most people conduct a land boundary survey. 

After completing the land survey, our land surveyor Minnesota team will create a property draft for you. The accuracy of measurements is necessary when performing such tasks, so only qualified professionals should do them. During a boundary survey, the boundaries of Minnesota land are measured, marked, and mapped. Following the purchase of a property, the surveyor investigates its past and current status. Surveyors will make physical inspections on properties to determine their boundaries after reviewing recorded documents such as titles and other legal documents. The relevant agencies will receive a copy of the survey report or report to confirm whether any encumbrances exist on the property. For the process of conducting boundary surveys to comply with the law, licensed surveyors should always be involved.

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