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Our field crew uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure efficiency, speed,
accuracy, and productivity during our site layout survey.

Land Survey St. Paul's Licensed Land surveyors

Our licensed local surveyors can serve as your construction or site plan staking experts. Various projects can benefit from construction staking, including residential home construction, commercial property, dumps, highway and freeway construction, institutions, and other construction sites.

Our firm comprises licensed professional land surveyors who will confirm that specific improvements to a project comply with engineering drawings and have been permitted. Providing this assurance will improve the credibility of the building, proving that it was built to the design standards of the relevant state or local authority.

Rely on the professionals of Land Survey St. Paul for construction staking

The best land surveying contractors in St. Paul, Minnesota, can be found right here. Construction staking is among the services offered by Land Survey St. Paul. In addition to ensuring that your construction plans become a reality, we want to ensure you get quality standards to make your process easier.

 With your new knowledge of construction staking in hand, all you have to do is choose the best land surveying company. Land Survey St. Paul is the place to go for Construction Staking! If you still have questions regarding the services we offer, you can always give us a call! We hope to hear from you!


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Picture of a group of surveyor installing large construction stake in a site at St. Paul MN

Construction Staking Services in St. Paul, MN

Land Survey St. Paul offers construction staking services! Our construction site surveyor has the skills necessary to bring your dreams to life! Several skills are required for the job to be completed. Thanks to the help of our professional land surveyors, we are confident we can offer you exceptional service. In conjunction with logical and lateral thinking, having the ability to interpret and understand data will enable a land surveyor to turn the blueprints of development plans into reality, especially if conducting a site survey during construction. The ability to look at details, analyze, and solve problems are all essential characteristics for a land surveyor, so you know the result of their work will be satisfactory.

 The engineers and surveyors at our company are seasoned and knowledgeable in the areas discussed above. To increase the quality of service, they watch each other’s actions with more outstanding care.

St. Paul Site Survey in Construction Services

The builders need to figure out the building plans’ dimensions and features before planning the logistics of a construction project. Construction staking, also known as construction stakeout, is something Land Survey St. Paul has done for years to make sure builders’ constructions run smoothly.

 The plan must be implemented on the ground with St. Paul MN construction staking to ensure horizontal and vertical accuracy. Following the establishment of control points, construction and clearing limits are determined on-site. Following the survey, flagging and stakes will guide contractors in grading large areas and building drainage systems. Finally, for contractors to construct interior features accurately, an architectural plan must be concrete.

 To ensure proper drainage after the site is completed, curbs and gutters must be staked during the grading process. For contractors to understand the design and construct the project correctly, they need assistance with staking. In addition, construction staking ensures the project is executed according to plan by providing accurate measurements.

Picture of a project site that undergone construction staking, picture taken at St. Paul MN
Picture of a green survey equipment during a construction staking project, picture taken at St. Paul MN

Staking during construction: what are the steps?

Despite the perception by lay individuals that construction staking is highly complex, once you understand how it works, the concept becomes readily apparent. To begin with, a professional land surveyor is provided with a hard copy or a digital copy of the building plans. As the surveyor reviews the blueprints, they will lay out stakes on the site to mark the building site’s features, locations, and dimensions. A construction stake is used to indicate the parameters of the building and tells details like landscaping, water lines, edging, paths, driveways, entryways, and many others.

Construction Staking: Two Types

For each of the project elements, different construction stakes exist. Therefore, a good land surveyor represents each of these elements on the site to ensure a successful project.

In addition, you have a choice between two main types of construction staking. The one you choose depends on the progress of your project and the nature of the work involved. In the first type, rough grades are staked. Then, based on the elevation grade of the site, a staking process maps out the improvement proposed. It is used in identifying rough locations, roads, or building outlines or for understanding elevations.

It is a more detailed and precise method for staking out a site. The staking form represents the final horizontal and vertical locations of the project. After the staking of the layout has been completed, a construction team can begin working on the actual construction. We also offer GPS Surveys!