Hydrographic Surveys
St. Paul

We provide hydrographic surveying services in St. Paul, Minnesota. Our full-
service hydrographic survey firm has top-of-the-line digital equipment.

A leading Minnesota hydrographic survey company

Land Survey St. Paul MN provides hydrographic survey services for both commercial and government clients in the St. Paul MN area. Our firm employs hydrographic surveyors with extensive experience in multibeam sounding and positioning to conduct advanced multibeam sounding and positioning. 

 Using up-to-date hydrographic engineering methods, our hydrographic survey firm employs the best-licensed hydrographers. Using bathymetric surveys and other engineering and design tools, our Land Survey St. Paul bathymetric department assists large water structure owners and engineers analyze and model conditions around seawalls and bridges. Multibeam echo sounders and real-time Kinematic GPS are used to measure the depth, along with Ancillary sensors to account for vessel movements. By collecting precise data, our team can develop models showing the features of the underwater topography. A high accuracy level is achieved by applying the models created from the gathered data in calculating void volumes, scours holes, and sediment build-up. The client will receive digital images, 3D models, and georeferenced data sets for facilitating the visualization of the topography in the sea.

What our Services in Land Survey St. Paul's Hydrographic Surveys include:

For underwater surveys and maps, Land Survey St. Paul combines advanced technology with hands-on data collection. In our hydrographic surveys, the data are gathered using a single-beam echo sounder, processed with our state-of-the-art survey software, which serves as a seamless interface between the data and clients’ designs and models. To reach otherwise inaccessible offshore areas, we use our fleet of skiffs, boats, and amphibious vehicles to get it by hand. Hydrographic surveys provided by Land Survey St. Paul include:

  • Marina surveys
  • Conducting harbor surveys
  • Surveys of utility crossings
  • Water quality surveys for lakes and ponds
  • Surveys on bridges
  • Protection of dune and shore
  • Beach redevelopment
  • Design surveys for bulkhead

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Picture of two Hydrographic surveys specialist wearing safety gears during a field survey, picture taken at St. Paul MN

Consultancy in hydrography

A survey is an essential part of any maritime project from the project’s conception to completion and often beyond. It can be for capital or marine construction projects, maintenance of existing infrastructure, dredging work, beach renourishment, land reclamation, and other applications. We can provide the expertise in helping ensure the correct survey is undertaken at the right time to enable the project to progress efficiently.

Bathymetry mapping

Applied to hydrographic surveys, riverine mapping, coastal zone mapping, and engineering projects, airborne Lidar Bathymetry (ALB) and terrestrial laser scanning provide highly efficient and cost-effective solutions. Combining multibeam bathymetry and above-water laser scanning, BOAT-MAP creates a seamless image of the coastal zone above and below the waterline. In addition, one of our environmental services includes habitat mapping and reef mapping.

A brief introduction to hydrographic surveying

You guys might not be aware that hydrographic surveys are also known as underwater surveys. In aquatic science, it has to do with the processes that determine the characteristics of an aquatic area. It includes measuring the depth of the water, examining the topography, and measuring the tides. It can be explained as a way for us better to understand the elevation and contortions of the ocean floor, regardless of its practical application.

Underwater surveys are of great importance, and bathymetric surveys are one of them. It is similar to hypsometry but differs because the former occurs underwater, whereas the latter does so on land. An underwater bathymetry survey relies on a vessel that moves while observing and collecting data instead of stationary or static equipment used in land surveys. An underwater or hydrographic survey is, in essence, intended for estimating the depth of water. The hydrographic survey also aims to analyze dredging work, plan waterways, and identify shipwrecks.

Analysis of Hydrographic Data

The need and expertise for interpreting, analyzing, and presenting data collected are crucial for introducing an automated technology. We’ve seen a shift towards data analysis from data collection, making qualified hydrographic surveyors like us indispensable. For hydrographic surveyors, visualization is imperative for understanding how to clean and process the data accurately. As a result of this, we develop a deeper understanding of individual data points. The fundamental knowledge of data analysis is already ingrained in our minds to add an entirely new dimension to it with our in-depth knowledge. 

Picture of a land surveyor on the field during sunset, picture taken at St. Paul MN
Picture of a local land surveyor wearing safety helmet and a red vest, picture taken at St. Paul MN

Surveyors who specialize in hydrographic surveying in St. Paul, MN

Land Survey St. Paul’s unique commitment to providing exemplary service promptly results from our careful selection of employees who have the experience, education, and professional skills to become industry leaders.

 Land Surveyors Saint Paul MN, are highly sought-after in the hydrographic surveying sector because of their highly qualified workforce and diverse backgrounds. As well as offering highly skilled and experienced personnel, we offer land registry and geodetic surveys. Our firm has maintained a low cost of labor and a low expense ratio due to our philosophy of utilizing all available technology advances. Using GPS and digital data, Land Survey St. Paul can also conduct surveys with fewer employees and fewer work hours. You can also check out our Topographic Surveys!