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Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, Land Survey St. Paul is a unique Surveying company that has been in business for more than a decade. As a surveying firm, we provide quality services in St. Paul to everyone. As a Survey expert, we are more than pleased to help you. Consider us your neighbor next door. 

 Over the years, the experience we have gained in St. Paul has allowed our team only to employ the very best local surveyors and use the most advanced and innovative technology. We offer 24/7 service with free estimates, professional advice, and high-quality surveying, as well as assistance afterward. If you have any concerns, we will help you out. We put the needs of our customers first.

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As a leading ALTA land surveying company in St. Paul, Minnesota, our expertise makes us one of the city’s most trusted land surveying companies. With cutting-edge technology at the disposal of our land surveyors, Land Survey St. Paul can handle any surveying project. In addition, based on our high level of experience, our Land Surveying company provides excellent customer service at a reasonable cost.

An essential component of property ownership is establishing legal boundaries for your property. Why is that the case? There will be conflicts if your property boundaries are unclear. Therefore, we offer you our land surveying services tailored to your specific needs, whether you are an owner of commercial property, a homeowner, or need assistance with any other kind of property. Whenever landowners conflict, the first response is to contact a land surveyor. Your home’s boundary line is its legal perimeter.

Before planning a building project, builders need to determine the building’s dimensions and features. Staking out constructions is something Land Survey St. Paul has done for years to make sure building constructions go smoothly.

With GPS devices today, GPS surveyors can instantly compare the data since they receive real-time data with the device. Therefore, it is better to complete the job as quickly as possible to limit resource waste.

Bathymetric surveys are among the essential underwater surveys. A similar process to hypsometry, it differs because it occurs underwater, as opposed to on land. Unlike land-based surveys that use stationary or static equipment, underwater surveys use a moving vessel to observe and collect data.

Our land surveyors in St. Paul offer comprehensive Topographic surveys anytime and anywhere you need them. Almost all employees of our company are licensed, land surveyors. So perhaps you found what you were looking for if you were seeking a survey.  Performing topographic surveys is crucial since they determine the area of the land by determining its height, shape, and landforms.